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Making the most of our outside space is more important than ever these days and with the British weather it is best to have some cover. Gazebos are practical and versatile spaces are ideal for entertaining friends, providing welcome shade on hotter days, shelter when the heavens open, as a hot tub enclosure or as a place to simply sit back, unwind and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of your garden. They can be made to any size or shape with different options for the walls to suit your needs. Summer houses enable us to enjoy our gardens all year round. It is important to have some sort of garden building which can allow us to be close to nature without getting chilly – or drenched. A summerhouse can be the perfect solution. These comfortable and cosy spaces are ideal for keen gardeners and others to enjoy their outside spaces in all weathers and throughout the year. While all summerhouses can be relaxing and idyllic spaces in which to spend some time, oak summerhouses are something extra special. These garden buildings, made with this ultimate natural and eco-friendly material, are ideally suited to blending into a wide range of garden settings. Pergolas are a great addition to the garden. They are a fabulous feature to a garden and allow you to be able to grow climbing plants on them which can look stunning. All our pergolas are made from oak which not only looks great but will outlast any softwood pergola for many years.

An Oak Framed balcony can be a fantastic addition to any property. They can enhance the beauty of any dwelling expanding on limited space or providing a further place to retreat but to enjoy the outside.
Balconies can also be used to enhance a beautiful view and prove to be a good investment on your property. All balconies we make are totally bespoke so we able to build anything you can think of.
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Why should you choose us?

Our vision is to provide the highest quality oak frames to our clients and to focus our business on total customer satisfaction. Quite simply we love wood and want to share our passion with you.

Quality, and sustainable materials.
We use only high quality green oak, applying traditional carpentry skills. We support the UK Wood for Good campaign.
Customer care
We offer our clients a much valued design and planning service and we treat every project with the same personal customer service and care.
We are the experts in oak
We have been making oak framed buildings for over 15 years and have gathered a vast amount of experience, we are true specialists in our trade.
Project management
We work with a team of highly experienced designers and structural engineers to ensure that we provide complete project management.