Project design & management

We offer our clients a much valued design and planning service and we treat every project with the same personal customer service and care. Working with our team of highly experienced architects and planners, we can turn your idea from a scribble on a napkin to a fully installed structure. We work with you to ensure your location, budget and type of building are all achievable. We help with planning submissions and building regulation designs, and keep in touch with you throughout the entire process to answer any questions or concerns that should arise.

Building your oak frame
Once your frame has been commissioned and the design has been fully tailored to both your budget and your complete approval, our team can begin work on assembling the frame. All of our timber is sustainably sourced and we insist on using local suppliers whenever possible. The timbers are generally prepared and cut to size in workshops, minimising the on-site time needed when it comes to installation.
Installation and after care
Once your frame is prepared, we deliver to the site and our team of skilled carpenters will come and erect the structure. The structure is assembled using a combination of traditional carpentry techniques combined with newer more effective methods of construction. Our team will then make your frame watertight and either in-fill or apply an external envelope to increase the thermal properties. We will finally clean the oak frame and ensure it is ready for the next stage.
Conservation and preservation
The UK, especially the county of Kent, has a unique and distinct heritage of Oak Framed buildings and it is essential we preserve this for future generations. OTy Oak Frames are the leading experts in the preservation and conservation of Oak Frames and with our unrivalled track record for our professional restoration and renovation services, we are your natural partner and a vital link between the past, present & future. We specialise in:

• Restoration of existing Oak Framed structures
• Repair of weather, fire or naturally damaged oak
• Modernised conversion of existing framing