We are the Oak Frames specialists in Kent

Oak framed cart sheds provide you with a space that is both practical and beautiful. There are many different designs of cart sheds that can cater for your individual needs. Roof shape significantly affects the appearance of an oak framed garage, as does the choice of roof covering. We can construct gable ended, hipped and barn-hipped roofs, supplying the roof tile of your choice.  You can add on log stores, wheelie bin stores, locked bays, extra half bays, partitions, garage doors, windows and many more. All these options make your cart shed tailored to your requirements.

To clad your cart shed we would normally use an oak or softwood feather edge. Using the oak feather edge gives you a maintenance free product which will naturally silver in colour giving the appearance that it has been there for a log time.
If you are looking for a home office or an annex then subject to planning you can put an upstairs to your cart shed to maximise the building’s potential. You can access this by installing a staircase internally or externally. Dormer windows or roof windows would be installed to give as much natural light as possible.

All of our cart sheds are bespoke built in our workshop so as soon as the groundworks are finished the frame can be erected and no time is lost on site.
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Why should you choose us?

Our vision is to provide the highest quality oak frames to our clients and to focus our business on total customer satisfaction. Quite simply we love wood and want to share our passion with you.

Quality, and sustainable materials.
We use only high quality green oak, applying traditional carpentry skills. We support the UK Wood for Good campaign.
Customer care
We offer our clients a much valued design and planning service and we treat every project with the same personal customer service and care.
We are the experts in oak
We have been making oak framed buildings for over 15 years and have gathered a vast amount of experience, we are true specialists in our trade.
Project management
We work with a team of highly experienced designers and structural engineers to ensure that we provide complete project management.